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Standard AKS. The official standard of the American Kennel Club PDF Print E-mail
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This standard is approved on Jan. 9, 1990  

Стандарт АКС 140. Официальный стандарт Американского клуба собаководства


Boston Terrier - a wonderful companion. This is - an energetic, cheerful, very clever dog, has great intelligence and intellect.

With a smooth coats, with a short, square head, compact and perfectly composed, short-tailed, well balanced dog, with a colorful, sealskin or black coat with white markings.

The head is proportional to the size of the dog and her expressive eyes indicating a high level of intelligence and cleverness.

Boston Terrier - intelligent in all its manifestations.

The body is short, compact and well-knit, the limbs strong and powerful, the angles of joints neat, short tail. None of the features should not be allocated so as to violate proportioned boston terrier.

The dog gives the impression of decisiveness, strength and activity, with the highest degree of style as well as grace and elegance. A proportionate combination of colors in color "color and white markings is a hallmark of the representatives of this breed.

"Balance, expressiveness, a combination of color and white markings - are the main features in characterizing the general form of the breed Boston terriers.  

Size, Proportion,

The growth of Boston's average 38 - 43 cm

By weight, the dogs are divided into the following groups:

  • up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg)
  • from 15 to 20 pounds (9.1 kg)
  • from 20 to 25 pounds (11.4 kg).

Height is proportional to the length of the hull, which gives Boston terriers amazing square format. Boston Terrier strong and powerful dog and should not look either poor bone, light, or coarse. The bone and muscle are proportional to the weight and the addition of the dog.

Sexual type: Females differ from males little finesse addition.

Disadvantages: light or heavy build.

Размер, пропорции, сложение бостон-терьера


Голова бостон терьера


The skull is square, flat between the ears, without wrinkles, cheeks flat, brow ridges clearly defined, transition from forehead to muzzle well defined (stop). Cheerful, friendly and intelligent view of the Boston terrier most accurately characterizes the representatives of this breed.

Disadvantages of the head: when viewed from the front visible whites of the eyes and third eyelid, dilated or narrow the nostrils, not in proportion to the big ears.


Уши бостон-терьера


Widely spaced, large and round, dark in color. Supplier eye straight outer corners of the eyes when viewed from the front lines are in the cheeks.

Disqualifying faults: his eyes fully or partially blue.


Small, straight faced, natural or cropped, are located as close as possible to the corners of the skull, to match the outline of the head. The more clearly the ears are located on the "corners", the better.



Short, square, wide and deep, without wrinkles, is proportional to the skull. In the long snout is shorter than the width or depth. In the muzzle does not exceed 1 / 3 the length of the skull. Of the skull and muzzle are parallel.


Black and wide, with well-defined furrow between the nostrils.

ELIMINATING FAULTS: corporeal nose.


The broad and square with the right set teeth.

Морда бостон-терьера


Прикус бостон-терьера


Deep, but not pendulous, densely cover the teeth when the mouth is closed.


Direct or snack.

A major disadvantage: the curve mouth.


Neck, topline and body

  The length of the neck is proportional to the total addition of the dog. The neck is graceful, slightly arched, his head keeps gracefully and smoothly into the withers.


Short enough to format the body was square.


Smooth, slightly sloped croup.


The deep and broad enough, the edges of regular shape - curved, extending back to the waist.


I have to look short. Serious shortcomings of the case: hollow or roach back.

Шея, линия верха, корпус, спина бостон-терьера


Хвост бостон-терьера


Low set, short, slim, tapering, straight or shtoporoobrazny should not rise above the backline. (Note: it is preferable that the length of the tail does not exceed a quarter of the distance from its foundation to the hock).


Lack of case: perky, wagging its tail.



The shoulder belt flat, which lends elegance Boston terrier. Elbow must point backwards and not popping out.

The forelegs are parallel to each other, directly delivered.

FEET - Round and small.

Pins beautiful arched shape with short nails. The fifth fingers can be removed.

Disadvantages: loose legs, light skeleton.


Thighs strong and muscular, set right the slope.

Hocks low omitted, with severe angulated, turning neither in nor out.


FEET - Small, compact with short nails.

Disadvantages: straight knee.  



Movement of the Boston-terrier - confident, free and smooth, front and hind legs move straight in perfect rhythm, each step of demonstrating the grace and strength.

Disadvantages: roll or rake the clumsy movements.

Serious faults: any cross-movement front or hind legs, gait, gait reminiscent of riding a horse (high lifts his front paws).

Движения бостон-терьера



The coat is short, smooth, without undercoat, skintight, bright and pleasant to the touch.

Color and Markings

Colorful, seal or black with white markings. Colorful preferred ONLY if all other qualities are equal. (Note: The seal looks like a black color with a reddish tint when viewed in the sun or in bright light.)

Required white markings: a white trim around the muzzle, white blaze between the eyes, white chest.

Desirable white markings: a white stroke around the muzzle, smooth white blaze between the eyes and forehead, a white "collar" white "dickey" on his chest, partially or completely white front legs and white hind legs below the hock. (Note: the dog desirable markings is not a disadvantage).

A dog with a predominance of white on the head or body must possess sufficient merit, or in opposition to take its shortcomings.

Disqualifying faults: Solid black, colored or color seal without required white markings. Gray or liver color.


Boston Terrier - friendly and cheerful dog.

Excellent character and intelligence make him an excellent companion for children and adults.

Boston energetic and tough, it's a great family dog. Adapts well to different living conditions.

Gets along famously with children (loves playing with the ball) and gets along with other pets.


Average life expectancy Boston Terrier is about 13 years.

Boston largely considered one of the most healthy dogs.