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Boston Terrier - one of the few breeds bred in the U.S., about which Americans are justly proud of legal and can speak ╚made in Boston╩. The unofficial capital of New England - the city of Boston, one of the oldest and richest cities in the U.S., and hence begins the story of this unique breed boston terrier. Formation of the American terrier has been very typical for the country of the nineteenth century.

The photo on the right in 1800, you can see two dogs, which have contributed to the development of the breed boston terrier. The dog on the left resembles a bulldog and terrier. These types of dogs were used in the earliest stages of development. The dog has more right terersky exterior, similar in appearance extinct English terrier, who is said to have played a role in early development of the breed boston terrier. Finely balanced combination of bulldog and terrier blood was used for the appearance of breed boston terrier.

The first breeder of Bostons began - Robert Hupper in 1865. In the port of a sailor, he acquired the ship's dog - Judge. The dog was typical Bull-and-terrier, which were widely circulated in England as members dogfights. Judge had a dark brindle color with white chest and throat, ears cropped, short-broken tail, large round head with a short massive bulldog muzzle. It was a pretty impressive size dog, which weighed about 15 kilograms. Accustomed to the new place, Judge covered the bitch next door SUV, which belonged to Mr. Barnet. These dogs have given surprisingly the same type offspring, almost exactly like his father, indicating stable inheritance of British Bull-and-terriers.

From puppies Judge and Jeep began breeding of Boston Terriers. The sons of this couple brother and sister squat a burly male Wallis and Eph bitch Tobin's Kate, a small short-legged dog tiger suit mated with each other, as well as the daughters of Judge again with the same. All puppies have inherited rounded head, so initially received dogs called round-Buli. Later, local patriotic dog breeders began to call the dogs from Massachusetts Boston boule - U.S. Buli. But against this objection breeders of English bulldogs - the breed of dogs by 80-years of the nineteenth century in the United States already had a significant history of breeding.

In 1878, the first terriers "hupperovskogo" dilution showing at the Boston show, called round-Buli.

Boston Terriers quickly gained popularity and became widely known throughout the country. Of particular prominence this peak reaches a terrier in the United States to 20 years of the twentieth century. It is called the "gentleman from Boston." Many breeders do their breeding. The ladies of the time prefer it as a companion and a wonderful companion to accompany them everywhere.

In 1891, fans of the new breed together in the American Bull Terrier Club of Boston. The club applied for registration in the AKC, but was refused on the grounds that the title should not be the word "Bull". Then the union change its name to Boston Terrier Club.

After two years of discussions in May 1893 Boston Terrier as a separate breed was finally officially recognized by AKC. In the same year, Boston Terriers were first shown at an exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts, under a new name. The first champion of the breed in 1896 at an exhibition in Philadelphia became Topsy (by the way, her great-grandfather was an English bulldog). The popularity of the breed grew rapidly, even President Wilson at the White House lived boston terrier. In 30-ies at the American shows from 20 to 30% of participants were "Boston". The most award-winning Boston terrier in the history of the breed has become E-Bo's Rudi from E Dandy, his fans have grown rock Bob and Eleanor Kenslendy. Rudy was found 18 times Best in Show, beating more than 50 000 competitors, 50 times, was awarded the world title, before retired in 1984.

And in the same 1893 receives official recognition. ACU begins recording Boston Terriers in studbook. The first representative of the breed in 1893 was the dog named Hector. To date, the U.S. reported more than 30,000 Boston.

Hupper and Barnett, a founder of a new breed and became the first of its breeders united around three dozen enthusiasts and patriots, and who formed the nucleus of a new canine association engaged in laborious plant-breeding work. All work was conducted on the basis of the descendants of Judge and Jeep, but later took the other new cast-bloods. So the American breeders took a number of crosses from the old English white terrier. Blood white terrier strongly influenced the appearance of dogs displayed significantly improve and giving traits that irrevocably taken away from their primitive ancestors, and bluff.

There have been other crossbreeding with breeds imported from England: bull terrier, English bulldog, French bulldog. There is mention of cross Bostons late XIX century with the pit bulyami and boxers. Breed had a number of intermediate items, which appeared in different periods of its development, according to a crossover offspring were more successful: the American Bull Terrier, Boston Bull, Boston bulldog.

In 1891 was adopted by the first standard for the breed boston terrier. Thus, a Boston terrier quickly became popular and became widely known throughout the country and port city, whose name is embodied in their name, became famous as the birthplace of the national breed boston terrier. After the First World War, "gentlemen of Boston's fall in continental Europe and then in the twenties of the twentieth century - in the UK. In other European countries boston not so numerous as in the U.S.. (This is partly explained by the fact that for the general public the difference Boston terrier and French bulldog negligible. However, experts know that besides the external differences, these two species have a completely different character). So in Germany in 1998-1999 reported 95 - 80 puppies. In the early years of the twenty-first century boston appeared in Russia.

Charm, enthusiasm and optimistic outlook on life, love of life - is the motto of the Boston-terrier!

История породы бостон-терьер

История породы бостон-терьер

История породы бостон-терьер



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